About Me

Hi, I am Christian Reiners and I am looking for networking as well as career development opportunities in the fields of consulting, retail, finance and controlling.

During my past & present I was and am able to gain extensive experience in Asia due to placements in Malaysia and Thailand and long-lasting projects in Myanmar. For my full work experience please visit my Work History.

My work is characterised by my ability of precise analysis and understanding the client to deliver outstanding results that increase their competitiveness and streamline internal processes. In addition I am able to gain insight into new fields of expertise in a short time frame.

I am holding a MBA degree from an Asian university in Bangkok and a Bachelor in Economics from a Dutch university in Venlo. Both studies focused on multicultural environments which gave me the skill of adapting fast and understanding different cultural habits. In addition it trained me to work & lead multicultural teams. For my full educational background please visit the Education sub page.

Please feel free to contact me for exchanges about your industry or the Burmese (Myanmar) buesiness envrionment as well as for future opportunities by using my Contact Me page. I am also glad to connect with you using LinkedIn, hence feel free to invite me to your network.

Thanks for reading so far and enjoy your stay on my website!

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