Book Review – “It’s Not the Size of the Data – It’s How You Use It” by Koen Pauwels

Brand tracking, CRM programs, trade shows, online behavior tracking, satisfaction studies. Mounds of marketing metrics are generated across touch points and channels. It can be information overload–too much, too scattered. But locked in the vast quantity of information are accurate, data-driven answers to every marketing question. Analytic dashboards are transformative web-based tools that gather, syn the size, and visually display essential data in real-time, directly connecting marketing with performance.” (

Book Review:
Koen Pauwels’ recent book takes the reader into the world of big data and marketing dashboards. He illustrates in an easy understandable manner how any company can improve performances across the line using marketing dashboards aligned to their business environments that not only include traditional marketing indicators but also “new age” online marketing tools.

As “marketing represents the ongoing effort to keep products and services in touch with evolving conditions” this last mentioned aspect is even more important due to the increase of technology and social media usage. Ken Pauwels explains how Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are replaced and condensed to Leading Key Performance Indicators (LKPIs) as well as how marketing can attain the support of the crucial IT department in their endeavor of implementing a marketing dashboard. Furthermore Koen Pauwels dives into database structures and how to build the backbone of a marketing dashboard. He emphasises on the role of engagement by each department which is crucial for a succesful implementation, whereas the book could dive deeper into the area of staff engagement on a end-user level. This topic is discussed in one of the later chapters, whereas, as end-user engagement & buy-in is even more crucial than department buy-in, this area could have been elaborated.

Nevertheless, Koen Pauwels book is a good read for data & marketing interested readers as well as under a certain level of pre-reading on specific terminology for readers new to the topic of big data and marketing.

Recommendation: If you are interested in current developments not only in big data but on how to use this data in marketing, recommended to read.

For more Book Reviews and my total Shelf visit my page or my website. Furthermore thanks to AMACOM, the American Management Association for a version of this book.

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